Aubrey, Angela, and Robin skating at Skate West 1/13/12

Graham skating at Skate West 1/13/12

Nick helping Shay skate at Skate West 1/13/12

Graham and Sara baptizing their friend Kayla at Faithwalkers 12/29/11

The gang and friends at Isla Cozumel for a birthday

Derek and Nick at the Halloween Party

 Nick and David with Ava and Shay on the Hay Ride at the Apple Orchard

Steph, Zachariah, and Linzi at the Apple Orchard

 Robin and Derek with their little pumpkin

Robin and Derek with their other little pumpkin

The kids at Linzi's grad party

Nick, Bryce, and Megan tearing apart an old cabin at Jordan Park Camp

Julia, Aubrey and Shay playing volleyball at Legion Park

Linzi & Steph with Emmet on the Pontoon

Julia and Robin on the lake

Nick and Bryce out on the lake

Watching Planet Earth with the B-Stud

Julia and Robin on the pontoon

Derek and Graham eating bearded cake balls

Linzi breaking her 3-year vegan diet

Graham and Emmet

Volleyball with Sawfish and friends

Linzi and Kaytee at Wallgreens

Graham, Andrew, Brian, and Derek at Legion Park

Brian and Megan at Legion Park

Deidra and Kaytee at LemonTree

Robin & Megan at LemonTree
Robin & Graham helping with spring moving